Wolf from Virtua Fighter 5

Wolf Hawkfield is a fictional character in the video game series Virtua Fighter. He is a professional wrestler.


Virtua Fighter

Wolf lived as a First Nations woodsman and hunter in the Canadian wilderness until he was discovered on a scouting trip by a professional wrestling promoter.

He was an instant star in the pro wrestling area, and successfully defended his title several times. Dissatisfied with the level of competition, however, he turned in his belt and retired from the ring. Hearing of the World tournament, he entered to seek worthy opponents.

Virtua Fighter 2

Failing to win the tournament, Wolf redoubles his training, determined to fight against Akira again, an opponent that defeated him at the last Tournament.

Virtua Fighter 3

After losing to Akira Yuki in a close match, Wolf returned to his home, and resumed his training with the forces of nature as his opponent. One day, he had a dream in which somebody stopped a man who was trying to destroy the world. When he told this to a local fortune teller, he was told to "obey your dreams. This is something you cannot ignore."

Virtua Fighter 4

After the end of the second tournament, Wolf had the same recurring nightmare about the world being in danger. This dream was the sole reason for him joining the third tournament. However, since he was defeated in the third tournament, he decided to ignore the dream and went back home. Back there, Wolf entered in countless underground tournaments and dominated. However, the same dream still haunts him. When he hears of the 4th world tournament, he decides to join the tournament again in order to search for the reason behind the endless dream. Will he find an answer in the tournament?

Virtua Fighter 5

Wolf often woke up in a sweat over a recurring apocalyptic nightmare in which he always saw the same figure with a distinguishing scar. As he watched the final match in the Fourth Tournament, he was stunned to see the same mark on the mysterious Dural competitor. He couldn't make any sense of it, but he knew he had to find out more. When El Blaze issued a challenge to fight him in the Fifth Tournament, he immediately entered, but he knew that they would be in for more than a fighting match.