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Wild Woody, known as Woody, is a pencil brought to life by Low Man of the Totem Pole to round up his Totem brothers who had escaped his control and created parallel universes. He tends to think highly of himself and likes to crack jokes. He is voiced by Joe Kerska and appears in Wild Woody for the Sega CD.


Woody is an anthropomorphic pencil whose eyes and mouth are on the top, arms are in the middle and feet are on the eraser end. He has black arms and legs with gloved hands that have opened tips. On his feet, he wears orange tennis shoes with black laces.


As a pencil, Woody has the ability to draw. Whatever he draws comes to life (such as a Mermaid or an Opera Singer), can help aide him against enemy characters (such as dynamite or a hungry spider), or help him reach higher ground (such as a kangaroo or a jetpack). However, after drawing, Woody gets progressively shorter and can only return to his default length by obtaining a power-up. He can also erase enemies by jumping on top of them at the right time, as well as uncover hidden passages in the walls or floors.


  • "Call me Woody...WiIiIiIiIiIiIiLd Woody!!!"
  • "My good man, as of 15 seconds ago, I was BORN to save the world!"
  • "Yeah, and while I was out, I got me some sushi. Assume the position, FISH BOY!!"
  • "Alright! My creative juices are FLOWIN' now!"
  • "My, Oh My...Time To Earn My Pay!!!"
  • "Ability AND Chance have got NOTHING to do with it, bright boy! And the name's not Pencil-Neck, it's Woody...WiIiIiIiIiIiIiLd Woody!!!"
  • "Those all sound MIGHTY tempting, but I've got a different idea..."
  • "Sorry, pal, but it's game over! Woody's got the rock and time's runnin' out...He's at the top of the key. Three, Two, One. He Shoots...IT'S GOOD!!!!!"
  • "OW!"


  • Wild Woody appears as a free DLC guest character in the Steam adult kart racing game, 'Shady Lewd Kart'. However there is a disclaimer below the item stating that the creators of the game are in no way associated with SEGA, with the permission to use Woody coming from the original creators of the IP rather than SEGA, making the exact owner of the IP currently unclear.