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Virtua Fighter 4 is a fighting game in the Virtua Fighter video game series by Sega, as well as the forth installment in Sega's classic popular fighting game series.

It was first developed on the NAOMI 2 board. A port of the game, as well as that of Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution under the budget-priced "Greatest Hits" label, appeared on the Sony PlayStation 2 in 2002 and 2003, respectively.



*Akira Yuki

*Pai Chan

*Lau Chan

*Wolf Hawkfield

*Jeffry McWild


*Sarah Bryant

*Jacky Bryant

*Shun Di

*Lion Rafale

*Aoi Umenokoji




Vanessa Lewis

Brad Burns (Evolution only)

Goh Hinogami (Evolution only)

Training Mode

VF4 introduced a comprehensive training mode. The consisted of a encyclopedia, of fighting game based terms, complete character command listwalkthroughs, tips on all of the game's mechanics, recommended character combos, alternative options for failed attempts for doing the wrong combos, detailed command input timings, slow motion for frame counting & timing, & other useful training tips.

Virtua Fighter 4 training modes consists of 3 sections:

-Command Training

-Free Training

-Trial Mode