Vanessa from Virtua Fighter 5

Vanessa Lewis is a fictional character in the video game series Virtua Fighter.


Virtua Fighter 4

When she was still a child, Vanessa's parents were killed. She was taken by J6 shortly afterwards, and trained to be an instrument of combat. A man named Lewis, a member of the special forces, infiltrated J6 and rescued Vanessa. Vanessa grew close to Lewis. However, their time together was brief, as a member of J6's special forces murdered Lewis. Years later, she has joined an organization to protect important individuals. One day, she hears of J6's intention to capture Sarah in the 4th tournament. Vanessa decides to join the 4th tournament not only as Sarah's bodyguard, but to find Lewis' murderer as well.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 4)

Virtua Fighter 5

Vanessa was captured by J6 in order to create a new Dural model called V-Dural ("V" standing for Vanessa). She was rescued by a double agent within J6. However, she has dissociative amnesia, and does not remember anything that has happened to her between these events. She is currently struggling to find out what happened to her during this "blackout."(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 5)