Star Wars: Demolition
Developer(s) Luxoflux
Publisher(s) LucasArts
Release date(s) November 19, 2000
Genre(s) Vehicular Combat
Players Single player, Multi player
Rating(s) ESRB: Teen (T)
System Sega Dreamcast, Sony PlayStation
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Star Wars Demolition is a vehicular combat game set in the Star Wars universe. The game was released on both Sony PlayStation and Sega Dreamcast consoles. The game was released on Dreamcast on November 19, 2000.

Opening Crawl

The galaxy is engulfed
in a devastating civil war.
But on the Outer Rim
world of Tatooine, crime lord
Jabba the Hutt continues to
prosper amidst the chaos.

Involved in almost every
criminal venture, the Hutt
has amassed a vast fortune
through gambling, smuggling,
and other vile acts. Yet his
greed knows no bounds.

The Empire has outlawed the
dangerous Podraces, but
Jabba has devised an
even more dangerous
underground contest to
attract high-stakes gamblers
from across the galaxy
to his betting parlors on


Some characters are locked untill certain parts are completed in Tournament mode.

  • Wittin (Locked) - A murderous Jawa chieftain who needs a new Sandcrawler for his tribe.
  • Malakili (Locked) - Keeper of Jabba's pet Rancor.
  • Wade Vox - A smuggler from the planet Alderaan, training to become a Jedi Knight.
  • Tamtel Skreej (Locked) - Rebel Alliance captain Lando Calrissian, disguised as a palace guard.
  • Tia and Ghia - Two Rebel Alliance snowspeeder pilots who are obsessed with rescuing Han Solo.
  • Aurra Sing - A dark side-using bounty hunter who preyed on the Jedi in the days of the Old Republic.
  • Quagga - A Wookiee from the planet Kashyyyk, who needs money to finance his repair shop.
  • Pugwis (Locked) - A Dug, grandson of podracer Sebulba.
  • General Otto - An Imperial officer who wishes to finance his retirement house in Cloud City.
  • Boba Fett - A notorious bounty hunter and the son of Jango Fett, who is Jabba's favorite to win.
  • Darth Maul (clone)(Secret Locked Character) - A mysteriously resurrected Sith Lord.
  • Boushh (Secret Locked Character) - An Ubese bounty hunter who is in fact Princess Leia Organa in disguise.
  • Lobot (Secret Locked Character) - Lando's cyborg aide from Cloud City.

Specific Character Unlocking

  • Boushh => Use Malakili to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits.
  • Darth Maul (clone) => Use Malakili to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits.
  • Lobot => Use Malakili to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits.
  • Malakili => Use Tamtel Shreej, Pugwis and Wittin to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits
  • Wittin => Use Aurra Sing and Quagga to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits
  • Tamtel Shreej => Use Boba Fett and Wade Vox to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits
  • Pugwis => Use General Otto and Tia & Ghia to complete the tournament mode with at least 10,000 credits


The following vehicles can be used in Star Wars: Demolition.

  • A Landspeeder piloted by Wade Vox.
  • An AAT piloted by Quagga.
  • A Custom Swoop piloted by Aurra Sing.
  • A AT-ST piloted by General Otto.
  • A Snowspeeder piloted by Tia and Ghia.
  • A Jetpack used by Boba Fett.
  • A Skiff piloted by Lando.
  • A STAP (Single Trooper Aerial Platform) controlled by Wittin.
  • A Podracer piloted by Pugwis.
  • A Rancor ridden by Malikili.
  • A Cloudcar piloted by Lobot.
  • A Speeder Bike piloted by Leia.
  • A Sith Speeder piloted by Darth Maul.

Gameplay Variables

There are various forms of Health, Ammo and power, which balances differently for each character:

  • Shields: They recharge on their own and protect the hull.
  • Hull: cannot be repaired unless R2-D2 is picked up, if depleted then you loose the battle
  • Charge: any weapon can be charged, each characters standard attack fires one missile on one charge (no charge), two missiles on two charges three on three charges and a unique special attack on the fourth charge.
  • Speed: determines how fast you go, can be increased.
  • Attack power: Determines how much damage each missile does to the target.
  • Ammo: allows you to fire charged missiles, it slowly recharges on its own.



There is one of each droid in every level, you can pickup one droid at a time, and you can loose droids if certain ammounts of damage is attained in one go, however you can pick these back up. They are often hidden in difficult areas to reach.

  • R2-D2- Powerup: Repair=Regenerates Hull
  • GNK Power Droid- Powerup: Attack power increase and quicker shield regeneration.
  • Tactical Droid- Powerup: Attack power increases and the remote will fire with a weak (no charge standard) missile on enemies.


  • Cloak=Turns you invisible for a limited time
  • Attack increase
  • Speed increase
  • Shield regeneration speed increase


Weapon Name One/No Charge Two Charges Three Charges Four Charges
Tractor Beam Will hold the enemy fairly still for a few seconds Will hold the enemy still for a few more seconds then one charge Will hold the enemy still for a few more seconds then one charge and fire a damaging missile before releasing the enemy Will fire a huge blast of energy around the user sending enemies flying and damaging them
Concussion Missiles Fires one homing Concussion missile Fires two homing Concussion missiles Fires three homing Concussion missiles Fires four homing Concussion missiles in one bunch
Thermal Detonator

Even if you lay/fire this it can still harm you

Lays one Thermal Detonator on the ground Lays two Thermal Detonators on the ground Lays three Thermal Detonators on the ground that will jump on any vehicle within a certain radius Fires on huge Thermal Detonator that will roll towards the nearest vehicle, and on impact causes a huge explosion.
Proton Torpedoes Fires one Proton Torpedo Fires two Proton Torpedoes Fires three Proton Torpedoes Fires a Proton Beam which lasts for several seconds

Gameplay Modes

Single Player Game Modes

Battle mode

In this mode you pick up to four computer controlled opponents, and any arena and a battle takes place

Tournament Mode

The Tournament Mode would start off with you facing one opponent, then two, three and finally four; the opponents are chosen at random as are the locations. To acquire a new vehicle, you need to pass the tournament with at least 10,000 credits, and if you are destroyed during a match, then there is an option to replay, but at a cost of 500 credits. If you are constantly losing, the tournament will end when you run out of credits. This is how you unlock locked characters and video clips.

Hunt a Droid

In this mode you have to hunt and destroy as many probe droids as you can within a set time limit

High Stakes

In this mode you choose a vehicle as does the CPU. There are odds shown by calculation on win/loss records. You then bet credits until a player wins 10,000 credits or loses everything.

Two Player Game Modes

High Stakes

This is a mode where you bet 1000 credits (both players) and if you win the match, you obtain double the credits betted. You continue until you gain 10,000 credits or when one player loses all of his credits.

Battle Mode

This mode includes vs. and co-op. In vs. mode, the game is over when one vehicle is destroyed. In co-op, both players must survive and destroy the enemy CPU vehicles.


Each arena has at least one ammo and shield regenerator, which can usually be destroyed.

  • Bespin: Cloud City
  • Dagobah
  • Death Star (II)
  • Dune Sea
  • Hoth
  • Mos Eisley
  • Naboo
  • Yavin 4

Special Features

Yavin IV

Two temples host the ammo and shield regenerator, one of which has a floating golden bolder, which when touched turns the user into gold, making him/her temporarily invulnerable, and sending the now non-golden boulder crashing down the stairs of the temple. Getting hit by it causes great amounts of damage.

Mos Eisley

By crashing into a wall or by destroying it a secret area housing the R2-D2 droid and tactical droid is reachable. by driving onto a building and through a hole you will come flying out with the GNK Power Droid. By repeatedly crashing into the barrels you will launch homing missiles, these can attack you as well! The Ammo Regenerator is a shuttle which lands in the various 'ports' around Mos Eisley, making ammo hard to come by.

Death Star II

In the main trench TIE Fighters will attack you, by destroying them they will drop one of the three droids. There are also red 'teleportation' chutes in various points. The Death Stars superlaser can also stun and damage any vehicle in the 'dish' when it fires, although a warning is given in the form of hearing and seeing it charge.


Enter at the cheat screen, which is in options, preferences and appears after entering L1 and R1 at the same time (or equivalent on Dreamcast).

  • BFM_FEELIT => High Gravity
  • MULTI_CARS => Select the same vehicle in multi player mode
  • EXTRABUTTS => Change Buttons
  • WATTO_SHOP => Unlock All Characters
  • BFM_FEELIT => Increase Gravity
  • FIRERATEUP => No Reloading Time
  • NO_BADIES => Select Enemies
  • ITS_A_TRAP => Triple Attack Mode
  • THROTTLEUP => Turbo Mode
  • LOW MO ON => Slow Mode
  • NO_PEEKING => Random Opponents
  • MULTI_CARS => Mirror Mode
  • LO GRAV ON => Low Gravity Mode
  • RAISE_THEM => Invincibility
  • SAD_MOVIES => Unlock All Defeat Movies
  • MOVIE_SHOW => Unlock All Victory Movies


  • In March 2004, GMR Magazine rated Demolition number 2 on its list of 5 worst Star Wars games, declaring it inferior to Twisted Metal for its jumbled, non sensical mass of characters and vehicles.

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