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Sonic Riders as for Game Cube

Sonic Riders is the latest in the Sonic racing series and is the successor to Sonic R. Continuing the tradition of the series, a new form of racing is used: gear riding.


Players ride their gear through a series of tracks in a variety of places in Sonic's world. Rings that can be collected in all single player races can be used in the shop to buy more gear (single player only). All gear run off of air as a fuel. The player can burn some of that fuel in a quick burst by pressing the B button. If you make contact with another rider while using one of these bursts, you will be able to stun them, cause them to lose their rings, and bring them to a complete stop.

There are several jumps in each track in which you can pull off trick to gain more fuel. Tricks can be performed by moving the control stick in different direction. If you hold the stick in a certain directoin for a time, you character will form to make a better trick such as only holding on to the gear with one hand. If you do not land your trick though, you will lose speed so it is important to mantain a good landing. Timing is key when it comes to jumping. The closer to the edege of the jump, the faster you can perform a trick.


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Voice Sounds


Voice Cast

  • Jason Griffith as Sonic the Hedgehog, Shadow the Hedgehog and Jet the Hawk
  • Amy Palant as Miles "Tails" Prower
  • Dan Green as Knuckles the Echidna and Strom the Albatross
  • Tara Strong as Princess Sally Acorn
  • Rebecca Honig as Cream the Rabbit
  • Lisa Ortiz as Amy Rose
  • Kathleen Delaney as Rouge the Bat
  • Maddie Blaustein as E-123 Omega
  • Bella Hudson as Wave the Swallow
  • Liza Jacqueline as Omochao
  • Mike Pollock as Dr. Eggman
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