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Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is an upcoming Nintendo DS console role-playing game, based on the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise, developed by Canadian RPG developer BioWare which is now part of Electronic Arts. Due for release in 2008 in North America and Europe. The game focuses on the events surrounding the kidnapping of Knuckles, and the disappearance of the Chaos Emeralds.


As with many RPGs, two main types of gameplay will feature: exploration, and combat. Exploration areas will see the character being controlled by tapping the stylus where the player wants the character to go, whilst action buttons will be used to traverse certain elements, such as loop-the-loops.Navigation will also require a certain character to be in the lead for progress to continue, taking advantage of that character's special ability, be it flying, climbing, or jumping large gaps. Puzzle elements will also feature, even allowing the party to break up to complete the task, such as pressing switches in various areas.<\

Combat gameplay will occur when enemies are walked into, shifting the view to a close-up for turn-based battles to occur. Standard attacks are available, whilst special attacks can be performed by rhythmically tapping the stylus. These will use up Fatigue Points, in a manner similar to Magic Points in other RPGs. Examples of individual special attacks include Sonic's Axe Kick and Whirlwind, whilst some group-based special attacks will require certain characters in the party, such as the Blue Bomber, which requires Tails.After combat is complete, loot is available, ranging from rings to character equipment - equippable in one of three slots per character - whilst experience points will boost one of four attributes per character: speed, attack, defense, and luck. Characters will also be able to collect and equip Chao, each with their own ability, to enhance a team member's status. These Chao will be collectable and can be stored in the Chao Garden, and using the Wi-Fi link, players will be able to swap the Chao they have collected.


Sonic is on vacation after defeating Eggman some time ago, when he receives a call from Tails, stating that Knuckles has been kidnapped, and that the Chaos Emeralds are disappearing.

The story is split into two acts. The first takes place in Sonic's world, with the team attempting to unravel the situation they are in, whilst also stopping the Master Emerald from being taken. The second act sees Sonic and the team travelling to another dimension in order to stop a new threat to their own world.

The game will feature areas and music from previous Sonic games, such as Green Hill Zone, Mystic Ruins, Emerald Town and Central City; and new areas will also feature, such as Blue Ridge Zone.


The following characters are in the game.

Playable CharactersEdit

Non-playable CharactersEdit

  • Guardian Units of Nations
  • The Marauders
  • Nocturnus Clan
  • Zoah
  • Kron
  • N'rrgal
  • Voxai
  • Precursons
  • Gizoids


Development began in 2006 when Bioware began to look into a handheld video game project to start, and at that point, had over 30 people involved.

During February 2008, Sega announced that it would be giving fans the opportunity to vote on the name of a hostile alien race that would appear within the game. From March 4th, fans were invited to vote on Sega Europe's Sonic portal Sonic City for their preferred name.. The name was suggested as a potential name initially by the Sega fan blog Sega Nerds.

Members of the Sonic Chronicles team also update members of the public on their progress and views on the game about every two weeks on the Sonic City Blognik.

Comic adaptionEdit

Archie Comics stated that they had plans for an adaption of Sonic Chronicles, however, due to the lawsuits with Ken Penders, and Archie losing the rights to produce Sonic comics, such plans have lively been cancelled.

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