Shun from Virtua Fighter 5

Shun Di is a fictional Chinese character in the video game series Virtua Fighter. He uses a style of drunken kung-fu (Zui Quan).


Virtua Fighter 2

He is from Northern China and is considered as a sage by many. He teaches in his small training hall and had many students in the past but most have left him by now. This is due to his keen interest in taking students able to take hardship as part of the training.

While drinking with his friends, Shun hears them boasting about the success one of their student fighters in recent tournament competitions. He suddenly exclaims, "I also want to participate in the World Fighting Tournament". Shun's friends pleaded with him not to, but once Shun had mentioned his intent to fight, he was adamant and eventually joined the tournament.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 2)

Virtua Fighter 3

During the 2nd tournament, Shun saw a suspicious shadow in one of the rings. When he followed it, it turned out to be one of his beloved disciples, a man he himself raised. He didn't have an opportunity to talk to him, but the incident filled Shun's heart with doubt. Why would they meet here? Why hadn't he heard from his student in so many years? Resolving to solve the mystery, Shun decided to enter the next tournament and find out.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 3)

Virtua Fighter 4

After the 3rd world tournament, Shun was still unsuccessful in finding his student. One day, he received a letter from his student, informing him of his intention to escape from J6 but was recaptured eventually. Not wanting to react rashly, he waited for the next letter but it never arrived. He decides to join the 4th tournament hoping to find more information about his missing student.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 4)

Virtua Fighter 5

Shun had entered the Fourth World Fighting Tournament to look for his young student who had been abducted by J6. Hoping that he would find useful information by fighting his way through the competition, Shun fought with uncharacteristic energy, and made it to the final round. But he was unable to find anything, and the tournament ended with Dural's intrusion into the final round.

Shun returned to his quiet life of retirement, and when he was almost ready to give up, an invitation arrived for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament, and the sender's name was that of his missing student. Shun enters the fifth tournament, determined to discover the truth behind his student's mysterious disappearance.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 5)

Fighting Style

"Suiken" or Zui Quan is one of the stylistic Kung-fu forms of Chinese martial arts, also called "Suishuken". The fighting posture of "Suiken" is derived from the form of a drunk, walking without balance, moving like the wind, sometimes taking a drink along the way or occasionally falling down. These attributes give the style all the necessary means of defense and offensive movements, making it one of the more interesting Virtua Fighting Styles. Shun's style and appearance are based on the character of "Su Hai" from the movie Drunken Master, played by Yuen Siu Tien.