For those familiar with Wikipedia, we'd like to take a minute to explain what our purpose is. Unlike Wikipedia, this wiki is designed for any character, any game, anything about Sega on their own page, instead on in a list or having a small blurb.

Our Purpose

Our purpose was defined when Sega Wiki was created. The exact wording is below:

The Sega Wiki is designed to be a database of anything related to the Sega Corporation. It will mostly involve games and consoles, but will also have key people, information about Sega and other things about Sega.

Why a Sega Wiki?

Yes, wikipedia has many Sega articles. But to save space, many articles are converted to small blurbs in a list, as per Wikipedia policy. On the Sega Wiki, we give users a chance to make bigger articles about minor things that wouldn't even get its own article on Wikipedia. Also, as per Wikipedia Policy, trivia sections are being deleted, although these can be very interesting for any Sega fan.

What am I allowed to make?

If you want to add a little to a page on Tails or Knuckles, or create a page on one of the drivers from Crazy Taxi, you are free to do that on this wiki. Also refrain from adding articles not related to Sega. We allow pages about non-Sega consoles that have Sega games on them, but keep the pages short and just list all the Sega games released on them. Also, Sega trivia related to these consoles, like the fact that Microsoft started in the Video Game business with the Sega Dreamcast, would fit nicely on those pages.

Sega Wikia is aims to be a "Hub-Wiki", a wiki site that makes good use of hotlinking to affiliated wiki sites in order to encourage traffic to and from wiki sites that need attention.

Sega Wiki articles will be divided into two kinds that require different writtings for approval.

Franchise articles

Franchise Articles are articles that specify in subjects from the various franchises produced, developed and/or licenced by Sega. This includes the following:

  • Video games Individual video games are article worthy.
  • Media Such as television series, anime, films or printed media such as books, comics or manga.
  • Series and Franchises These articles can list out video games and have information on all the first two subjects collectively.
  • Characters If the character is regarded as a "major character" who originally appeared in the very first game of it's respected franchise or the very least reoccured in three following games, then they are permitted to have an article. (For example, if they are a Sega All-Star character.)
  • Organisations or groups such as major groups that consist of characters regardless of major or minor. They can be written out as list articles. However, like characters they must either be in the very first game or three other following games.

Franchise articles are Manual of Style of Simple English Wikipedia, with the articles written in simple english. They can be informative yet short. If the franchise article is covered in an affiliate wiki to Sega Wiki, then those articles must be tagged with the Redirection Tab at the very top of the article, this is to allow article readers to know where to find a more detailed source of information on the subject. As a Hub Wiki we're trying to help other Sega wiki's that are not getting enough traffic. We are not competing with them.

These kind of articles are not allowed:

  • Fictional objects Such as items found in specific games, no matter how important, are not permitted.*
  • Minor or secondary Characters NPCs or common enemies are not permitted. However they can be listed under articles based on organisations or groups of characters. Major Characters who appear in later games are not permitted unless they appeared in three games.*
  • Fanfiction Obviously no fanfiction of any sort.

*Hotlinking to affiliated sites with such articles is permitted.

Example: An article on the Chaos Emeralds is allowed under current circumstances. However an article with hotlinks to Chaos Emeralds is always permitted.

Sega articles

Sega Articles are articles that specify in Sega as a corporation as well as ownership, events and assosiations with them. It includes the following:

  • Organisations Such as subsidiaries, companies or other groups that rubbed elbows with Sega.
  • People Staff and/or assosiate individuals with Sega.
  • Events Such as major business happenings that happened to Sega, or conventions or events they have scheduled.
  • Locations Such as arcades, headquarters or owned locations and attractions.
  • Products Such as hardware, accessories, consoles or other things licenced under Sega's ownership or creation.

Sega articles are written as usual articles for wikia sites. With standard Manual of Style found in most wiki's and no need for Redirection Tab. Hotlinking to affiliated wiki's are permittable if neccisary to the article.

What do we hope to have made in the end?

  • Biographies of Sega executives and other Sega individuals who have presented or been mentioned in public.
  • Sega Console Profiles which will have any information relevant to the console, which will include a link to our forums, where we may have a console care and help section.
  • Sega Game Pages which have links to reviews and guides which are externally hosted or can be written by you in the Cheats and Guides section of the forums.
  • Corporate Information which can include Sega Corporation history, business decisions, timelines of Sega history.
  • Character Biographies which would give detailed information about all the characters in Sega games and games made by other companies including Sega characters.
  • Anything else that you feel would benefit the wiki, while being relevant to Sega and gaming.

Written by Sega-Sonic and Wikada, expanded from a text by Wikada.
Further expanded on by Mystic Monkey as of August 22, 2017.
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