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The Sega Hard Girls (セガ・ハード・ガールズ Sega Hādo Gāruzu) are a series of characters created as personifications of numerous Sega hardware devices (mostly game consoles).





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  • The "Hard" in the title is actually a shortened word for "hardware". Since the series was never localized before the crossover with the Neptunia series, it was always referred with its named, often being mistaken by most people as something sexually perverted or make jokes surrounding the name.
  • The series remained a Japanese exclusive until the crossover game, Superdimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls, was localized and published in 2016 for the international audience, making it the first time that the series has been localized as "Sega Hard Girls".
  • In Superdimension Neptune Vs. Sega Hard Girls, it is slightly implied that the Sega Hard Girls might actually be some sort of machines or robots as they possess features like being technologically advanced, having a power switch, having technology specifications that can improve when leveling up, encounter freezing issues or system errors and crashes, similar to the Neptunia character, Histoire, who is implied to be an ancient tome that seems to be a robotic or mechanical fairy. Although, it is possible that these are just references to Sega consoles due to the Neptunia series' nature of being a parody of the gaming industry and frequent references.

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