The Sega Saturn (セガサターン Sega Satān?) is a fifth generation video game console, that was originally released on November 22nd, 1994. The console was built using a 32-bit hardware architecture, with the initial intent to excel at rendering two dimensional sprites however this was changed to favor rendering of three-dimensional polygons due to the potential for steep competition from the PlayStation and Nintendo 64.

The system would initially launch on November 22, 1994 in Japan. The US launch of the console was announced live at the first E3 press conference on May 11, 1995, where the console was announced to be available the very same day. The announcement was met with widespread controversy angering many developers in development of Saturn titles and several major retailers some of who would ultimately forgo stocking the console in their stores.

In Japan, the system was successful, selling over 8 million units during it's 7 year lifespan. In North America however, the system underpreformed. Selling only 4 million units in 3 years. The Saturn was discontinued in North America in early 1998, less than 3 years after it's launch. In Japan, the system lasted until early 2001.

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