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It was revealed in 2007 that a new version of Samba De Amigo was being created for the Wii console by veteran developers Gearbox Software. The new game will take advantage of the motion tracking abilities of the Wii Remote. Official Nintendo Magazine UK have played a very early version of the sequel. They stated that the game music and design was perfect but the functions of the controls had not been completely fixed and they were unable to enjoy the test fully. SEGA assured them that this matter would be fixed by the time of release. A later build of the game was tested by N-Europe, who reported an improvement in gameplay.[1]

  • Nintendo Power magazine reported there will be more than 40 tracks, including "Macarena","Cup of Life","Hot Hot Hot","Samba de Janeiro","La Bamba","Theme from Rocky","Low Rider", and "Conga". N-Europe also confirmed the track "Papa Loves Mambo".[1] In addition, Gamekyo has posted gameplay videos which display a music select screen, where "The Ketchup Song (Aserejé)", "Vamos a Carnaval", and "Bamboleo" are selectable, along with some of the songs already mentioned.[2]
  • Confirmed gameplay modes include the "Battle" and "Love Love/Couples" Modes from the original game, "Hustle" and "Survival" Modes from Ver.2000, and a new "Career" Mode. Minigames will be making a return as well.
  • The game supports your Miis and will display them next to your score. Their expressions will change based on your performance, giving you one of three indicators (Bad, Medium, or Good).
  • Online Leaderboards and Friends Lists let players post their best scores and compare them to their friends’ scores.
  • At E3 2008, Sega confirmed downloadable songs will be made available. The first pack will include the songs "I Want Candy", "Are You Going To Be My Girl?", and "Mambo Mambo". [3]
  • Sega has reportedly confirmed that Maraca attachments will be available for the Wii controllers, and packaged with some versions of the game, if not all. [4]


Trivia Edit

  • The Wii's IR sensitivity captures the "maracas" movement, telling it where to go (Up, Down, Left, Right, Upper Left, Upper Right, Downer Left, Downer Right.) Though this caused problems since the IR wasn't able to capture motion of the hand movements consistently, making it hard for players to get 100% FC on harder difficulties. Though this is still possible as CTKaraoke, a member of the rhythm games community has pulled this of and managed to record him playing 2 songs on hard difficulty getting 100% FC. It claims you have to tilt the Wiimote to a angle where it can pick up the movements of the hand correctly.
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