The Pioneer LaserActive was a short-lived Laserdisc-based game console released by Pioneer in 1993. In addition to LaserActive games, separately sold add-on modules (referred to as "PAC" by Pioneer) expanded the hardware to include compatibility with the Sega Mega Drive and PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 game cartridges and HuCards and CDs.

Models[edit | edit source]


The Pioneer CLD-A100 system was released in Japan on August 20, 1993 at a cost of ¥89,800 and in the United States on September 13, 1993 at a cost of $970 US. NEC also released a cloned version of the system identified as the NEC PDE-LD1. Both systems supported the additional PAC modules interchangeably.

Modules[edit | edit source]

The plug-in modules listed below are formatted in American Model Number/Japanese Model Number

Sega PAC (PAC-S10/PAC-S1)[edit | edit source]

Sega PAC

Pioneer Electronics (USA) and Sega Enterprises released this module that allows users to play 8-inch and 12-inch LaserActive Mega LD discs, in addition to the hundreds of existing SEGA-CD and Megadrive titles, as well as standard CD+G discs. It was the most popular add-on bought by the greater part of the LaserActive owners, costing roughly US$ 600. It comes with the usual Mega Drive/Genesis controller pad signed with a gold Pioneer LaserActive logo on it.

NEC PAC (PAC-N10/PAC-N1)[edit | edit source]


Pioneer Electronics (USA) and NEC Home Electronics released this module that allows users to play 8-inch and 12-inch LaserActive LD-ROM discs, as well as current TurboGrafx CD-ROM discs, game HuCards and CD+G discs. This PAC is today one of the most sought after accessories for the system, and the Laserdisc compatible games are equally rare. Note: the Japanese version of the PAC is unable to play American HuCard games, and the same is valid the other way around. The retail price was US$ 600. It comes with the usual PC Engine/TurboGrafx 16 controller pad signed with a gold Pioneer LaserActive logo on it.

Karaoke PAC (PAC-K10/PAC-K1)[edit | edit source]

This PAC allows the CLD-A100 to use all NTSC LaserKaraoke titles. The front panel has two microphone inputs with separated volume controls, as well as tone control. The retail price was US$ 350.

Computer Interface PAC (PAC-PC1)[edit | edit source]

This PAC has a 25-pin serial port allowing the CLD-A100 to be controlled by custom programs authored on PC or Macintosh computers. This PAC came with a 33-button infrared remote control providing more functionality than the 24-button remote included with the CLD-A100. Also included on DOS and Mac floppy disks was the LaserActive Program Editor. The floppy disks included some sample programs created with the editor for use with the first five LaserDiscs in the Tenchi Muyo! anime series.

LaserActive 3-D Goggles (GOL-1)[edit | edit source]

Used in conjunction with the various 3-D games that were released for the CLD-A100, the design was also compatible with the Sega Mega Drive and could be used with that system.

3-D Goggles Adaptor (ADP-1)[edit | edit source]

Packaged and sold separately from the 3-D Goggles, it allowed the user to connect the goggles to the CLD-A100, and allowed for up to two users to view content simultaneously.

Software[edit | edit source]

The standard LaserActive games were on Laserdisc encoded as a LD-ROM. An LD-ROM had a 540MB data area (where digital audio would have normally been stored) with sixty minutes of analogue audio and video.

Name of Title Region(s) Required Modules Release Date Catalog Number
3-D Museum U.S. Sega, Goggles 1994 PEASU1012
3-D Museum Japan Sega, Goggles 1994 PEASJ1012
3D Virtual Australia Japan Sega, Goggles PEASJ5042
Akuma no Shinban (The Demon's Judgment) Japan NEC PEANJ5003
Angel Mate Japan NEC PEANJ5002
Back To The Edo Japan Sega PEASJ5021
Bi Ryojon Collection (Pretty Illusion - Minayo Watanabe) Japan NEC 1994 PEANJ5025
Bi Ryojon Collection II (Pretty Illusion - Yuko Sakaki) Japan NEC 1994 PEANJ5028
Don Quixote U.S. Sega PEASU5022
Dora Dora Paradise Japan NEC PEANJ5005
Dr. Paolo No Totteoki Video Japan Sega PEASJ5030
Ghost Rush! U.S. Sega PEASU1018
Goku U.S. Sega PEASU1010
The Great Pyramid U.S. Sega PEASU5002
The Great Pyramid Japan Sega PEASJ5002
High Roller Battle U.S. Sega 1993 PEASU1002
High Roller Battle Japan Sega 1993 PEASJ1002
Hyperion U.S. Sega 1994 PEASU5019
Hyperion Japan Sega 1994 PEASJ5019
I Will: The Story of London U.S. Sega 1993 PEASU1001
I Will: The Story of London Japan Sega 1993 PEASJ1001
J.B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues U.S. Sega PEASU5036
J.B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues Japan Sega PEASJ5036
J.B. Harold - Blue Chicago Blues Japan NEC PEANJ5017
J.B. Harold - Manhattan Requiem U.S. NEC PEANU5004
J.B. Harold - Manhattan Requiem Japan Sega PEASJ5004
Melon Brains U.S. Sega PEASU1011
Melon Brains Japan Sega PEASJ1011
MYST[1] U.S. Sega prototype
Pyramid Patrol U.S. Sega 1993 PEASU5001
Pyramid Patrol Japan Sega 1993 PEASJ5001
Quiz Econosaurus U.S. NEC PEANU5001
Quiz Econosaurus Japan NEC PEANJ5001
Road Blaster Japan Sega PEASJ1033
Road Prosecutor U.S. Sega 1994 PEASU1033
Rocket Coaster U.S. Sega 1993 PEASU5013
Space Berserker U.S. Sega PEASU1003
Space Berserker Japan Sega PEASJ1003
Steel Driver unreleased
Time Gal Japan Sega 1995 PEASJ5039
Triad Stone (aka Strahl) U.S. Sega 1994 PEASU5014
Triad Stone (aka Strahl) Japan Sega 1994 PEASJ5014
Vajra U.S. NEC 1993 PEANU1001
Vajra Ni Japan NEC, Goggles 1994 PEANJ1016
Virtual Cameraman Japan Sega 1993 PEASJ5015
Virtual Cameraman 2 Japan Sega, Goggles 1994 PEASJ5020
Zapping TV Satsui Japan NEC 1994 PEANJ5023

Market competition[edit | edit source]

High-end A/V (primary market)[edit | edit source]

(multi-purpose audio/video systems)

  • Commodore's CDTV
  • Philips' CD-i
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
  • Tandy Video Information System

Video gaming (secondary market)[edit | edit source]

  • NEC PC Engine with Super CD-ROM expansion
  • Nintendo's SNES
  • Sega Mega Drive with CD-ROM expansion
  • 3DO Interactive Multiplayer

Consumer A/V (secondary market)[edit | edit source]

  • Both VHS and Betamax VCR format players

References[edit | edit source]

  1. See [1] for history of the LaserActive MYST prototype

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