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Periscope is an amusement game manufactured by Sega in 1966. It has the distinction of being one of Sega's first major successes and gave the company confidence to manufacture more amusement machines.


Periscope is a shooting arcade machine, meant to simulate a submarine attacking warships.

Players would look through the periscope and fire up to five torpedoes, represented by beams of light accompanied by electronic sound effects in an attempt to sink the warships.


  • This machine became Sega's first major success, and helped revive the novelty game business in arcades.
  • In a 1977 interview, Masaya Nakamura, the founder of Namco, claimed that Periscope was the first amusement device he built. Namco stated that they released the game in 1965. The game was known as Torpedo Launcher at the time.
  • The original cabinet supported up to three players at a time, whilst later revisions would make it a single player experience for international export.
  • Two Point Hospital had a replica as an item to celebrate Sega's 60th anniversary alongside an arcade cabinet for Out Run, the cycloptic mammoth from Space Harrier and a Dream Catcher Arcade machine, a type of UFO Claw machine.