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Marine the Raccoon

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Marine the Raccoon (マリン・ザ・ラクーン Marin za Rakūn) is a character from the Sonic the Hedgehog series that appears in Sonic Rush Adventure. She lives in the same dimension of Blaze the Cat, on Southern Island where her house is located. She speaks with an exaggerated Australian accent, using Australian slang words such as 'strewth' and 'bonza' and adding the word 'mate' to the end of sentences. Marine dreams of becoming a captain one day, so she can sail around the world, but wrecked her ship, the S.S. Marine, by forgetting to install the brakes. Tails decides to help her repair her ship, and Sonic goes to find parts to repair Marine's vessel. Unfortunately, Marine and her new-found friends find themselves confronted by a dangerous menace: the pirate Captain Whiskers. When Whiskers appears, she never says his name and always calls him a "fuzzy-faced bloke."

In terms of personality, she is rather scatterbrained and so often acts before she thinks. She is relatively bossy and attention-seeking, but has many koala friends who are pleased to help Sonic and his companions. Marine is afraid of ghosts and is over-protective by them. She also runs off multiple times, causing trouble almost every time she does. Despite having been able to build an (incomplete) sailing ship, before the game's events she appears to have no idea what a submarine or a hovercraft are, or how to read her book on shipbuilding. She also offers to read ancient text in Sky Babylon, but actually cannot. She is extremely embarrassed of her flaws and tries to hide them, although she does this very poorly.

Marine also appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog comic adaptation of Sonic Rush Adventure.

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