Manx TT Super Bike Cabinet

Manx TT Super Bike Arcade Machine

Manx TT Superbike is a 1995 arcade racing game developed jointly by Sega-AM3 and Sega-AM4. It was later brought to the Sega Saturn by Psygnosis and Tantalus Interactive and then ported to Windows by Perfect Entertainment. It was the first motorcycle racing game built for the Sega Model 2 arcade board. Up to eight players can race in this game if enough cabinets are linked together, following the similar mechanisms as Daytona USA.

The game's setting is the Isle of Man TT - the world-famous and demanding motorcycle racing event held on the Isle of Man. There are two courses to race on; the Laxey Coast course for novices and the more difficult Time Trial course for veteran players.

The arcade game was known at the time for its impressive graphics and innovative cabinet. Many arcade motorcycle games incorporated a bike-like machine that tilted so the player could maneuver the on-screen bike in a somewhat realistic fashion. However, most of them, until this game, still required that the player kept their feet on the floor. The Manx TT machine was unique in that it had steps on the side of the bike, allowing the player to keep their feet on the machine and use their body weight to control the on-screen bike; much like riding a real motorcycle. This helped make the game feel more realistic and increased the amount of skill required to fully master it.

Many of the unsold Manx TT cabinets were converted into Motor Raid cabinets, a futuristic Model 2 motorcycle racing game released in 1997. The Saturn and PC releases have the game soundtrack as standard Red Book audio which can be listened to in any CD player.

This game featured a famous cheat code which had you ride the course on a sheep instead of a bike against a grid of unmanned other sheep and a remixed version of Mary Had a Little Lamb. This page uses content from Wikipedia. The original article was at Manx TT Superbike. The list of authors can be seen in the page history. As with Sega Wiki, the text of Wikipedia is available under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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