Lion from Virtua Fighter 5

Lion Rafale is a fictional French character in the video game series Virtua Fighter. He was one of two new characters, along with Shun Di added in Virtua Fighter 2. Lion's personality is portrayed as cocky and arrogant.


Virtua Fighter 2

He is born into the Rafale family, one of the wealthiest families in France. They are involved in the aircraft industry. But this business is just a front for their involvement in illegal arms contracts with terrorists. Lion has been practicing Tourou-ken under an instructor as part of management education since he was five. He resents his father's control over his life and during one of their arguments, his father proposed that Lion must win the World Fighting Tournament as a prerequisite to become free from him. Thus, Lion is participating in the tournament competition.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 2)

Virtua Fighter 3

Although Lion lost to Kagemaru in the first round of the tournament, but while in the midst of that became aware of a burning fighting spirit buried deep within him, a satisfying feeling he had never tasted before. Promising a rematch to all the fighters, Lion returned home and became absorbed in his training. In that time his skills have improved greatly. Once again, Lion accepted the invitation to compete in his 3rd tournament.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 3)

Virtua Fighter 4

After failing to win the 3rd tournament, Lion went back to France a disappointed fighter. However, he realized he needed to be stronger and thus trained harder than ever. As time passed, he began to let go of his disappointment and slowly regained his fighting spirit. After a few months, he received a letter inviting him to join the 4th tournament. He decides to join the 4th tournament with every intention of winning the title.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 4)

Virtua Fighter 5

At the end of the Fourth World Fighting Tournament, Lion returned home. He had not been able to win the tournament, but was satisfied with his performance and fighting. His father congratulated him as well, and it seemed that his life would continue without incident.

But one day, Lion stumbled on the documents that seemed to link his father's company to J6. Lion threw himself into his training, trying to forget his suspicions. Just when he could no longer stand to keep quiet, an invitation arrived for the Fifth World Fighting Tournament. Somewhat bothered by the timing of the invitation's arrival, Lion decides to enter the tournament, in part to learn about his father's involvement with J6.(taken from US/European manual of Virtua Fighter 5)

Virtua Fighter Kids

In Virtua Fighter Kids, Lion is depicted as a much-younger boy (six to eight years old) and he has a group of maids that tend to his every need. The whole situation with his dad is dropped altogether, since the character has been reduced to the age of a boy. Lion's moves are faster-paced. He also has a green praying mantis as a family pet that trains in the Mantis style alongside him.