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Dragon Force is a series of Real Time Strategy(RTS) games by Sega. It is a simulation RPG of a heroic fantasy. In which it aims to unify the continent to choose your character from one person monarch of eight. Battle scene of 100 people 100 people pair up one of the selling. It was released and been ported to the PlayStation 2 as the 2500 series Segaeijisu to August 18, 2005. Also, was released on April 2, 1998 sequel is a "Dragon Force II - - on earth Shi left God."


Legend continent la gods loved. It's plotting is finished creation, false god Madoruku trying to dominate the earth who left the gods. HoshiRyu Hasugarudo that appeared Depending wishes and prayers of the people to succeed in that to seal the false god. Is divided into eight orb itself, Hasugarudo was to scatter all over the continent. The hero of eight that will appear soon, and entrusting to us the all ....

Main Characterss

King of Highland took over the throne at a young age. Support from his subjects and people strong in such lenity to apply the power and mercy courage, even the enemy. 17-year-old.

Queen of the Moon Palace was chosen as the new. It is a big-hearted character, but to show the strength of the will of about can not even imagine from usually when you say emergency usually. Childhood friend of Wein.

New king of the religious state Topaz. It is also a Kobushi-shi brave fight armed with body make trained. The sore loser is easy to become hot to fight.

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