Brad from Virtua Fighter 5

Brad Burns is a fictional character in the video game series Virtua Fighter. He was introduced in Virtua Fighter 4 : Evolution, an update to Virtua Fighter 4. He, along with Goh Hinogami, was one of the two newcomers in the release.


Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution

In the kickboxing world, a new style is being created. A newcomer, Brad Burns, suddenly appeared and won many successive victories. Because of his good looks, he has many female fans. What's more, he likes to go out with such girls at night after his battles and present a charming personality. In the ring, his manner is the opposite of his social self, and he overwhelms opponents with sharp attacks.

Quickly he was rising to the champion's seat. After becoming the undefeated champion, there was nobody in his region left to do battle with, so he began to look for his next stage. About that time, a woman told him about the World Fighting Tournament. It is a different kind of martial-arts fighting, and he wanted the thrill of an especially heated fight. Thus, he determined he would participate in the tournament.

Virtua Fighter 5

Brad's success in the kickboxing world won him respect from his many defeated opponents and an invitation to the World Fighting Tournament. With his good looks and Italian charm, he draws many female fans and loves to socialize with them after his matches. His manner during a fight is the opposite of his easygoing social charisma—he overwhelms opponents with sharp attacks.

Brad had the time of his life in the fourth World Fighting Tournament. He faced many skilled, worthy opponents and met many beautiful women. When the tournament ended, Brad was saddened to return to the kickboxing circuit, which he still dominated. Worse still, none of the women he had met at the tournament were returning his calls. When the invitation for the fifth tournament reached his doorstep, Brad eagerly entered. He noticed the name of a young lady he didn't recognize. "Hmmm... Looks like I have to go meet her.", he says to himself.