Bleach: Dark Souls is the second Bleach game for the Nintendo DS. The game introduces new characters, adds new moves for the older characters as well as introduces new game modes. Bleach: Dark Souls also includes Hollows of varying sizes, for players to fight. The number of Reifu cards in-game are also increased from the original, and more cards (4 cards, instead of the previous game's 2) will be displayed on the touch screen during battle. The Wi-fi battle mode has been improved to make it easier to play online.[1][2] The game's theme song is Resistance by High and Mighty Color. Nintendo Power announced in its April 2008 issue that Bleach DS 2nd will be coming to North America on August 26, 2008 with the name Bleach: Dark Souls.

Playable charactersEdit

All characters from the previous game return with 17 new characters added to the roster. There are a total of 44 playable characters in the game,but there is no Arrancar,just Gin Ichimaru and Aizen Sosuke.

Returning Characters

New Characters

Game ModesEdit

There are a number of different game modes available, they are:

  • Story Mode

Play through a non-canonical story. Battle shinigami, hollows and play minigames.

  • Arcade Mode

Standard Arcade mode.

  • VS Mode

Singleplayer vs CPU or multiplayer vs humans via Wifi

  • Time Attack Mode
  • Survival Mode
  • Training Mode

Train with any unlocked character.


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