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Big the Cat (ビッグ ・ザ ・キャット, Biggu za Kyatto?) is a large yet gentle purple cat with yellow eyes. He first debuted in Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast, and later appears as a playable character in Sonic Shuffle and Sonic Heroes whilst making various cameo appearances in other games such as Sonic Adventure 2 for the Dreamcast. He is 18 years old, weighs 280 kg (616 pounds), and is 200 cm (6ft 6in) tall.

Big is a fisherman, and brings his fishing rod with him wherever he goes, (which can be used as an umbrella). He lives in a hut at the Mystic Ruins with his best friend, Froggy. Big is simple minded and appears to be somewhat slow witted, but is also very humble, friendly and protective of his friends.

His first appearance was during Sonic Adventure. At the beginning of the game, Big is sleeping in his hut, where he awakes to find that his friend, Froggy, had grown a tail, and proceeds to swallow his lucky charm, the yellow Chaos Emerald, (purple in Sonic X). As soon as he swallows the Chaos Emerald, Froggy runs off, causing Big to chase after him. Big chases him through various locations and eventually captures him, but Dr. Eggman's robot, E-102 Gamma steals the frog. He pursues Gamma to the Egg Carrier where he finds Froggy, but ends up being captured by Eggman and Chaos. Sonic shows up and assists Big in rescuing Froggy, and beating Chaos. After Chaos is defeated, Big finds the Tornado 2 biplane and decides to fly home with it, crash landing the plane right next to his house. Later, when Perfect Chaos destroys the city of Station Square, Big gives one of the seven Chaos Emeralds to Sonic in order to let him transform into Super Sonic.

In Sonic Heroes, Froggy is captured again along with Chocola, a Chao that Cream knows. This causes him to team up with Cream and Amy Rose. They travel for a while, eventually learning that it was Eggman who took Froggy and Chocola. After defeating Dr. Eggman and his Egg Emperor robot, they find Froggy and Chocola in a puddle of liquid. The Eggman they had just defeated, however, was actually Metal Sonic, who had stolen Froggy and Chocola to copy Chaos's data within them. In the Final Story, they gave their two Chaos Emeralds to Sonic, and help out by fighting Metal Sonic while Sonic and his friends prepare to transform into their Super Forms.

Big is an unlockable character in Sonic Shuffle along with E-102 Gamma, Chao, and Super Sonic, but has no role in the storyline. Big also makes cameo appearances in all of the stages in the Dreamcast version of Sonic Adventure 2 except for kart racing stages and the Green Hill stage (although he only appears in certain CG sequences of the GameCube port, and the player must insert a little cheat) and in some of the Sonic and the Secret Rings stages, This is accomplished by braking and standing still in a certain spot for a few seconds, revealing a short cutscene with him. This, in turn, unlocks entries in his own "diary" in the Special Book that contains many bonus pictures of him in some of the stages. The empty spaces give instructions on where these spots can be found. Rather than portray any Arabian Nights character, he appears as himself, because a character in the book (Described as a "fairy") mistook him for Sonic and teleported him to the book, thinking he would defeat Erazor Dijin. He also appears in Sonic Rivals, as three collectible cards, and appears in Sonic Rivals 2 as one collectible card. He also appears on the Green Hill court in Sega Superstars Tennis as a cameo, and has numerous cameos in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games, during the aquatics events, rowing events, and the award ceremonies. He can also be seen in Field sports, near the entrance to the field.

His role is unknown, but in Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, he will be one of the playable characters. He is supposedly smarter, more sensitive and more developed; nothing else is known as of yet.

Besides appearances in the games, Big also appears in Sonic the Hedgehog comic books, by making cameos appearances or appearing as a main character. He also appeared in Sonic X in the first episode sitting and fishing with Froggy until Chaos Control occurs; although we are never seen it enveloping him, it is assumed the light reached him. Later in Sonic X, during the Sonic Adventure storyline and briefly cameos in the Sonic Battle storyline, Big is seen again as part of the story, but taking the same role he did in the Sonic Adventure game. Also, he then makes cameos in very few later episodes as sitting in a park with Froggy, and later in a match against Ella in the tournament, but this is removed from the 4kids English dub. Big also appeared on the Sonic the Hedgehog comic book, during the Adventure series, and occasionally makes a few appearances as a cameo, and also on the Sonic X comic book as one of the main characters, on issues #8 and #9, made a cameo on the cover of #21, and appeared once again, as one of the main characters in #33. His theme song is "Lazy Days: Livin' in Paradise" by Ted Poley.


Froggy (カエル-クン, Kaeru-kun?, "Kaeru-kun") is a large frog, and the pet and best friend of Big the Cat. During the course of Sonic Adventure and part of Sonic X, Froggy swallows both a part of Chaos (his tail, this causes Froggy to grow a tail as well) and a Chaos Emerald. Abducted by E-102 Gamma, Froggy was taken to the Egg Carrier as Doctor Eggman wanted the Emerald and Chaos' tail inside him. Big pursued him, and recovered his friend. However, the Chaos Emerald and the part of Chaos he had swallowed were absorbed into Chaos, allowing it to become Chaos 6, but was eventually rescued by Big with the aid of Sonic. Big and Froggy then took the Tornado 2 back to Mystic Ruins.

In Sonic Heroes, Froggy and Chocola, a Chao, were abducted. Big, Amy and Cream went to look for them under the impression that Sonic had taken them. During the adventure they instead figured out that Eggman had kidnapped Froggy and Chocola, and defeated him. However, it turned out that Metal Sonic had framed Eggman, and had kidnapped Froggy and the Chao in order to copy the residual data of Chaos. Froggy was not seen in the final scenes of the game, but it can be assumed that he and Big went back to Mystic Ruins.

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