Bhole is a DOS/386 emulator for PC, Alpha, Sega Dreamcast. It is different from other PC emulators, in that it emulates the executables directly, rather than through a DOS prompt. This gives the emulator a smaller memory footprint, and has allowed it to be ported successfully to such systems as the Sega Dreamcast video game console. However, this method of emulation has led to a lower compatibility than other PC emulators. Bhole emulates up to an 80386 system, has support for Expanded Memory Specification (EMS) memory, and has PC speaker emulation. It's team members currently consist of quzar (who ported the emulator to the Sega Dreamcast). Kevin Read maintains the official BerliOS project page. Ori Brost has recently given an official declaration that he has stopped working actively on BHole, although still willing to help with some coding if asked and willing to provide counciling for anyone that will want to continue it's development. This historic DOS emulator is the first ever to run on the Dreamcast.

Supported games

The Currently Supported Games Are:

  • Master of Magic
  • Round 42
  • Moon Bugs
  • Exterminiator
  • STYX
  • Conquest

Two games are also known to work partially with the Bhole. These games are:

  • Rollo and the Brush Brothers
  • Livingstone

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