Bahn (バン Ban) is a main protagonist of the video game series Fighting Vipers.


Fighting Vipers

Hailing from his hometown of Nishino Machi, Japan, Bahn, AKA Genghis Bahn III, is a foreign exchange student and former gang leader who has traveled to Armstone City to find and confront his father, who abandoned him and his mother when he was just a baby. But will the search end here?

Fighting Vipers 2

Two years since the events of the first Fighting Vipers, Bahn has returned to the streets of Armstone again. But as he learns of the Viper Hunts, his priorities oblige him to stop the tyrannical mayor B.M.'s reign over the city.

Fighters Megamix

Bahn is one of the playable characters.

Project X Zone

Bahn is a playable character in the crossover Project X Zone.


  • Bahn's name is derived from the word "banchou" (番長).
  • Bahn and Jotaro Kujo share the same source of inspiration from stereotypical banchous.


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